"Battitude" was created out of a very cool old burled up walnut slab, that had been attacked by termites and weather. Full of character, It's got such a great look and will fit in as a nature oriented art piece with the most contemporary of design, or a rugged feel.

 Turned and carved, with it's natural edges it's unique to say the least.

 It's a very large statement piece, at approx. 54" x 21" x 2.5"  it won't be missed on any wall, upon request it can be routed to hang vertically at no additional charge.  Finished with light Satin Polyurathane.

 As with all Todd's work, comes signed, named and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

"Battitude" 9w

  • Shipping And Returns ?

    Due to the Complexity of various sizes and Fragility of many pieces, and shipping difficulties depending on pieces purchased, I cannot find an easy website automated solution to just tally shipping anywhere. So with Most pieces there are ballpark numbers, depending on price of piece. This may Vary, so If this is an issue please reach out to me, for a solid figure based on your address. As with all Custom one of a kind work, there are no returns or exchanges. Every Piece is named numbered and signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
     Also, note, all wood has natural defects, from bug marks to small cracks, etc.. Todd Incorporates and often accents defects in his art as it is part of the natural feel and look of wood and his artistic process pictures are intended to show all details, seldom something can get by a viewer, but please know, we do our best to give you a clear picture of each piece. Thanks