This is a large, one of a kind, free standing art form, made out of piece of Black Walnut burl, on a black walnut base.  The artistic inspiration came when imagining what it would be like to look down on an old shire, through the eye of a dragon. The deep carving surrounding the sphere stirs the imagination of what a dragons own course, sculpted, natural protection around his eye would be.

 It is through turned with a deeply turned sphere shape surrounded by deeply carved flowing ridges both front and back. The front area round the sphere turned into a large radius, the carved areas stick up into high ridges around the sphere. Has a Semi Gloss finish, and is an amazing piece.

 The edges have been carved down very thinly in areas where it transitions from front to back to conform to the natural shape of the piece.

 approx 5'tall 14"wide and about 6" thick  (please request accurate dimensions if interested)

The piece is a deep dark natural walnut brown, well lit presents with amazing deep red tones and lighter marbling in areas.

 The item will need to be either picked up in Sacramento, or crated and shipped through a fine furniture freight company, hand delivery in the Tahoe to Bay area is optional, additional charges will apply.

"Eye of the Dragon" #279 1of1

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