"Flamey Hollow" is a great Contemporary Style Reverse Bell Hollow Vase, #5 or 1-105 in a Series  Called "Fortunes Untold" A Series of Large Camphor Pieces, Though it's the smallest in the sereies is still a nice sizable piece for a stunning Hollow vessel. With it's awesome flamey type figure radiating across the heart of the tree, up into the top and into the Silvery brown Splated section of the sapwood, which in it's own displays a great light quilt figure. This piece measures approx. 12" Tall x 10.5" wide and is about 1/8" thick which makes it incredibly light. It is stablalized and finished with several coats of Satin Polyeurathane.

A great show piece for a smaller area, desk, table or shelf in any environment, it shows beautifully and will be noticed.

Free Shipping!!!!  In Mainland USA only exc. Alaska and Hawaii, can be shipped anywhere for additional cost, please contact for quote.



"Flamey Hollow" #5 in a Series