Immeasurable Surrender is one stunning piece of work, first off it's huge and started out at about 400 lbs. it now weighs around 12 lbs now ballpark,  and has no cracks anywhere in the piece, this is unheard of in a piece this size, let alone, try to find another one!  This is the first 1-100 in a series of 8 large Camphor pieces Todd created called "Fortunes Untold Series" It's absolutely gorgeous and will be the center of attention in any decor.

 It measures a whopping 25.5" wide x 16" tall and about 1/4"+- thick.

 Shows some great random flame figure and has a nice bark intact inclusion on one side.

It's one big center of attention and an absolute show stopper!!

 It's base is a bit thicker for stability.

 It has been stabalized, Danish oiled and many coats of Satin Polyeurathane for a centuries long, tough and beautiful finish showing all the fine random lightning figure marks throughout it's warm tans. browns and reds tones, within silver and black streaks and spalting marks. Any angle you choose, it's gorgeous!

 As with all Todds work it comes etched with it's name and series name, as well as a signature, piece number. As well as a certificate of authenticity with pictures of the piece, signed, named etc..

 Shipping will be pricey on this piece, due to it's size and will require a crate to be built, the website figures shipping based on sale price, in reality this can vary up or down, depending on location and size and  weight of final crate needed. Todd will work with you to get it to you safely, as cheap as possible. It will ship insured and a signature required.   If you'd like any more pictures prior to purchase please reach out to Todd, he'll do what he can.



"Immeasurable Surrender" 1-100, First of Series