This is one great conversation piece, perfect for that area you have to have something amazing for..It was created with a severly bent burled up oilve branch, after 5 years of drying it, and 1/4 saw milling the sycamore tree, two years of drying it, Todd took the Olive branch and gave it a deep twisted carve, and created the table, the top and end has walnut butterfly inlays across the natural cracks and the slab grain runs down across the finished end, it's put together with 8 blind tennons, built to last, finished with many coats of Satin Polyeurathane for a really tough finish.  

The table is an art statement, and is intended for light weight items and  use, as a single leg can be tippy, and is not suggested for use around small children who may pull on it.  (Shipping will require a custom built crate and bracing at additional charge) It can be delivered in person to certain areas, upon request at additional charge.

"Olive with a Twist"