"The Sensational Dive" is 1-101 or #1 in the "Fortunes Untold Series". This sensational vase is one of Todd's latest very large Camphor turnings. Sure to be another major conversation piece, stunning enough to stand out amongst any decor, residential or commercialof the highest calber. This Vase, at a huge approx. 21.75" Tall x 14.5" wide and only about 1/4" thick is amazing. It is a very light piece for it's size. Displaying absolutely amazing figure in the crotch of this camphor piece, is a great ribbon or quilt figure with light flame figure on the bottom areas, surrounded by a great swirling grain pattern.  Notice the two sides both displaying the heart of the branches. The name comes from everyone saying it looks like a large fish diving when you can see both eyes at the same time... It is crack free, unheard of for a piece this size. especially with the major amounts of stress wood.

 It is stabalized and finished with Danish oil and many coats of Satin Polyurathane for a centuries long durable finish.

As with all Todd's 1 of a kind pieces, is engrave signed, named and numbered #326 (Only A reference#) and is #1 or 1 - 101 in a series of only 8 pieces created in 2017-Early 18 for this series, on the bottom and comes with a certificate of authenticity, with pictures of the piece and also signed. More pieces expected to be created in 2018 for this series.

 Shipping is based on piece price due to software constraints and may be slightly more or less (Which we can discuss prior to shipping) depending on where it ships too, this piece will require a small crate to be built. As well as Insurance and Signature upon reciept.  

Thanks for looking, pieces like this are not created fast or often.

"The Sensational Dive" #1 in Series