The "Two Suns Of Camphorian" is a massive (23.5" Tall x 12.5"+Wide ) Contamporary style vase, Sure to be the Center of many conversations and main attraction piece of any room or decor. It's finished with many coats of Danish Oil and Many Coats of Sain Polyeurathane, Inside and Out. This is # 1-102 or @2 in a Series called, "Fortunes Untold" A series of very large Camphor Work that Todd has recently finished up. Pieces this size are rare and with the amazing double branch knot, one on each side displaying an amazing array of both AAAA Quilt or Ribbon Figure, as well as the Flame on the bottom portion of the knots, add this to an amazing Bark intact Inclusion. This piece has it all!

 It's approximatly 1/4" Thick, Making it very light for it's size.

The Rim is slightly out of perfect round, as many pieces with these extreme tension woods, can move some. This slight movement is done, and the piece is stable as it's been stabalized prior to finish.

 In a world where wood fights back, splits and cracks and needs to be repaired with inlays and other methods, to find pieces this size without side cracks is unheard of.  Large uncracked work is one of Todd's specialties that has taken him years to master. As with most all tree's heart or Pith cracks are typically pressent in tree's as they are cut, this is part of the growth ( this is cracking from the center out of the ehart of the main tree) and can travel into branches. This piece displayed pith cracks upon being cut, they are inside the bottom of the piece, and have been securely glued and finished, at the very bottom inside.

 This piece is very solid, and can be shipped anywhere, as with shipping any fine art, will need the proper care and packaging (often a crate built) and this will be an additional cost depending on your location. You'll see an add on in the final price, these costs can only be calculated based on the software by the price of a piece, and are ballpark, if it's costs a lot less to pack and ship, Todd will refund you some, as well if it goes way over the estimate, an addtional charge which will be handled prior to shipping will be discussed.  

 All pieces are signed named and numbered, and as stated this piece is signed as part of this collection 1-102 with the series on it.

 You'll recieve a certificate of authenticity with pictures of the piece, with the purchase and your name as the buyer, also signed by Todd.

Thanks a lot for your interest.

Commission Work can also be requested and bid, just about anywhere in the world. Please contact us if you need specific pieces for any home, business, gallery or event.

"Two Suns Of Camphorian" #2 in Series