This is # 1 in a series called "Thieves in the night" named "Vinnie and Stitch do the robot"

 Vinnie and Stitch are two very cool robots made out of old brass that has painstakingly, been made to look very old and patina'd. With a series of finishes and chemical process, Todd created the look he wanted then topped it off with copper nails, each nail head also patina'd.

 The piece is made out of nicely figured thick walnut slab, which shows ribbon figure on both sides on the edges, and the base is a walnut burl piece.   The base is approx 15"w x 8" deep and it stands about 40.25" tall.

 It has been etched with the name, number and name of the series as well as Todd's signature. on the bottom the piece is finished with many coats of Satin lacquer.

 If you'd like to have a similar piece made, with a different topic out of similar or different woods or metals, please reach out to Todd, for a custom quote. 

Shipping on this piece is free to the continental United states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. It can be shipped anywhere for additional costs.

"Vinnie and Twitch do the robot"

  • Shipping And Returns 

    Due to the Complexity of various sizes and Fragility of many pieces, and shipping difficulties depending on pieces purchased, I cannot find an easy website automated solution to just tally shipping anywhere. So with Most pieces there are ballpark numbers, depending on price of piece. This may Vary, so If this is an issue please reach out to me, for a solid figure based on your address. As with all Custom one of a kind work, there are no returns or exchanges. Every Piece is named numbered and signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Thanks