Designer Showroom

Fine One Of A Kind Wood Art
Woodturnings, Sculptures
Handcrafted by
Todd D. Evans



Todd D.Evans is a 30 year artisan, his extensive European and face frame cabinet experience is represented throughout the Northern California and the bay area, as well as Maui.

Many years ago, after long days at his shop,  he filled his spare time with his artistic desire to create unique pieces, using unusual woods, constantly pushing himself to create his next challenge. Through many years of buying and milling tree's and burls, to get that special piece he wants to work with, he continued to push into larger work, when there was not a lathe big enough to handle some of his work, he purchased a massive old Navy Shipyard lathe on the east coast, had is shipped to California, redesigned it, modified it and moved forward.

That along with other custom made tools, he creates one of a kind works, many of which span years from start to finish. He mixes his creativity between woodturning, sculpting, furniture and more. This goal creates some amazing designs that are sought after by high end designers, showrooms, collectors and art enthusiasts, both in the residential and commercial markets. Occasionally you may find him at fine art shows from lake Tahoe, Calabasas, to Palm Springs and beyond, as well as other states. 

He also enjoys collaboration work and will do commission pieces anywhere.

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